OJ Wheels WuTang Keyframe


The-OJ Wheels WuTang Keyframe 54mm Wu-Tang x OJ Wheels Ain’t Nothing to F$ck With!!! ™ The new 54mm WuTang Keyframe features a yellow and black swirl on the high quality cruising urethane made popular by OJ. The 87a soft urethane formula makes Keyframes the perfect choice for a cruiser / filmer board or set them up on your regular skateboard when you’re hitting a rugged spot. Blaze All Terrains and Protect Ya Neck.. Slangin Dat Good Wood Since 2012™

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OJ Wheels WuTang Keyframe

OJ Wheels WuTang Keyframe Wheels are available in size 54mm and 87a hardness. Great all terrain wheel!! Protect your neck and get yours now.


Weight 1.00 lbs

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